We are a starting company with student resources that provide the highest grade of technology we can under a legal name. We love to help people that have little knowledge but still want to achieve their online personas. We offer development, hosting and support. For those who don't understand how websites are created, to those who know exactly what and how they exactly want it. Our support is extensive and easy explained, fitting exactly to your environment.


We are also in the hosting business! Ever wanted to create a magnificent portfolio, deploy a product on the market or just boast about a pet-project? We are here to help.

We run support on all website sorts. From running simple customized blog websites such as this one to extensive application creation like the invoice generator.

We offer support to all our guests and operators. We offer answers to simple inquiry about technical advice, a full-out research plan on bettering your online presence or creating your custom own (web)application. And that for the fraction of the market price!

Are you interested, want to have a price reference or just curious? Go to our pricing and information page!