"I want this cool application for my customers available on my iPhone and Samsung phone!"


"I would love to showcase my work to the world. But I don't know how to make a website!"

We can help!

"I have this idea for an application that can be used inside our company. It will boost our efficiency and make us more profit!"


So you have an idea, and you want to make it happen? We love it! Tell us all about it and we will help you make your idea reality!
We offer a variaty of development types ranging from simple websites to actual desktop applications. Do not understand what type of plan you need? Don't worry about it just yet, we will figure that out together. Just plan an advisory conversation over a nice cup of tea. Our treat.


For if you have no idea what is needed, or what is possible.

€ 24.99 per hour
Website & Design

For making everything exactly as you imagined or maybe even better.

€ 29.99 per hour

An somewhat simpler application, served using the latest technology

€ 34.99 per hour
Computer app

An application, installed on-premise able to do all kinds of magic.

€ 34.99 per hour
Native or Phone app

An application, cross-platform, and available on any device.

€ 34.99 per hour


Want to just have your website online? We will support you through the whole process! From getting your first domain name, to customizing the system used.
Our prices are based on the visitors you expect to get. We do not limit the amount of visitors you are able to receive. These are merely the expected active visitor maxima. Getting more visitors than planned? We will help you seamlessly migrate your service to another package.

100 visitors

A personal website for friends and family.

€ 3.99 per month
500 visitors

A public portfolio, or small blog.

€ 9.99 per month
1'000 visitors

Active blog or a growing single person company.

€ 19.99 per month

Help grow your business with a well maintained and speedy website.

€ 49.99 per month

A customized hosting solution, attuned exactly to your needs.

€ 99.99 per month

What we offer

Premium support

As we like to say:
"We shall never deny a guest even the most ridiculous request"

Set-up assistance

You'll get some predefined packages from us to help you get started.

Personal experience

We know how it feels to be treated as a number in a book, we want to let you know that we care!

Raw coding

For all the code gurus: You are in control, we are merely here to assist you in putting it online.

Opt-out whenever

Dislike our product? You can leave any month, with our support and best wishes.

Still not convinced?

Plan an advisory with us and we will have that cup of tea. If you are still missing something, we are always open for suggestions. Is this still not for you? Too bad to hear, but you won't have to pay us a dime.

Start immediately

Already know what you want? Amazing, then we will start immediately.

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To keep in mind:

  • All of these prices displayed on this page are starting prices and may differ depending on your specific needs request.
  • Development requests exclude the potential hosting price induced when the product put into production.
  • More fees might be included. (e.g domain name, license agreements, etc.)
  • Our terms of service have priority over our product advertisments including when it comes to law and credibility.