Invoice manager

Invoice manager

If you've ever seen our any of our invoices you'll notice that they all look the same, this is because of the fact that we have our own invoice generator program that does the administration management for us. From out this program we create, view and modify our invoices. It tells us what our incomes were for the past months or the past year, and it stores these invoices on a secured repository as backup with only access for certain people. This is our invoice management system. In short: I-DD.

UPDATE: a new version of the Invoice manager is available

As said, we generate our invoices by using the I-DD manager. In with this we can access our previous stored invoices on a whim and also create new ones by just filling out some basic questions. With this method, we have a strict style when it comes to sending out invoices to people, but it also lets us have a strict management on the administration and legal part of this process.

Storage and Security

For the storing of these invoices, we use a secured git repository. With this repository we manage the access to specific accounts and rest of the security is handled by the GIT authenticator itself. In short, we outsource security handling for this project to a third party program. This is positive for the reason that we can count on the latest security patches without having to worry ourselves of breaches. Within the repository we save all our important documents, as well as the invoices data jsons.

To access this data you need to have access to the actual repository. This is managed by the repository administrator, so nothing within I-DD can manage this (mostly for security reasons). When you open I-DD, you must login everytime, this is also for security reasons of cloning the repository. This is prompted like so:

I-DD login screen

This will go directly to the clone the git repository. No cridentials are saved and upon messages, cridentials are automatically filtered out.

When you close the window via the button on the top right, I-DD removes everything from the cache. This makes sure that the files are not accesible outside of I-DD.

Creation & generation

Creating an invoice is simply just clicking on plus and filling out the given form. An example is given below:

The I-DD invoice creation process

You start out with a small private description for identifying your invoice from the I-DD manager. From there on information about the company and recepient. Within the items you can specify what content the invoice should have, and with the handy tax toggler you'll see your income with just a click. After that all, you can find an overview of what you have filled out and if you want to confirm it or not.

After confirming your created invoice, you will be taken to that specific invoice page. On here, you find all the relevant information about th invoice in detail, as well as actions to what you can do with that invoice e.g: Download the pdf, modify, share and delete the invoice. At the end of the page, you can also find the preview of the invoice's PDF. This is exactly how your invoice looks, and it updates whenever the invoice's data is modified.

Management & Overview

On the home page, you'll see the all the invoices splitted into terms. This way, you can easily find what invoice is supposed to go in to what term. A small description is loaded together with the total income generated by that invoice and the invoice identification. The title is based on the invoice's ID and date of creation.

I-DD invoices home

The button menu on the bottom right is there to create new invoices, re-generate all the invoice ids or delete an invoice with ease.


If you're interested in this project, want more information or an actual implementation, feel free to contact us! We are more than happy to help.